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CONSULT BENJ LTD, Our goal is to develop students' trading skills by providing students with the latest strategies and techniques. Our course will help you understand the industry of elite traders, CFA-certified mentors, brokers and financial analysts who have worked in some of the world's most famous financial institutions. Our mentor has over 20 years working experience in the financial industry. Their mission is to increase customer understanding of transactions, investments and financial markets.

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Professional brand

More than 5 years of education and training experience, professional investment and education institutions, dedicated to providing professional investment education for financial practitioners and individuals, and providing training and guidance with banks, enterprises, investment banks, etc., to train professional financial personnel as their own responsibility, and strive to promote the healthy development of the industry.

Outstanding team

College 20 senior industry teachers, on average engaged in financial market research more than 20 years, with rich investment experience. He has been invited to participate in the famous financial forum many times, and has solid knowledge and practical foundation of financial market theory.

Realpractice station

In the trading system, trading methods, capital management, risk control and so on are based on a large number of mathematical models and financial data, so that students can learn to predict trends.

Case video

Choose the right way of learning, from ignorant to professional, from professional to experienced.

Original curriculum system

One month intensive training, two solid examination, 1/3 practical courses. To enable students to improve their practical ability and speed up all aspects and systematically.